Saturday, October 16, 2010

A boring day..

We did nothing interesting today at all. Got some video of the dogs out playing fetch and some agility stuff, and took a couple pictures till my battery died. Fed them, and really, that's it. I'm still pretty sore, so not much activity on my end. The boys are more than happy to play with food toys and cuddle, and nap. I think the down time is really good for West. If everything works out, I should have a DAP collar for him tomorrow, too. He's wearing his Tshirt all the time now, and it's hard to know if it's helped him, but he certainly is quicker to lie down or to play with toys, rather than pace and generally anxious-ify.

Does anyone have any free software that can auto correct lighting in something like this? Or does Youtube do it?

This is unedited, so you can watch west run around :)

He does a lot of this when the camera is up by my face, and I'm near him, or he isn't staring down Archie.



  1. I have read previously that the t-shirt is supposed to be something similar to a thundershirt. What is a thundershirt and what's the effect it's supposed to have over dog? I'm really interested in the kind of things you are trying with West to rehabilitate him.

    I hope your back gets better and you aren't in too much pain or discomfort.

    Thanks a lot and best wishes. :)

  2. I hope my new post answers most of your question! :)