Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Puppy puppy puppy..

This dog really needs to wear a sign that says "Hai! I'm a PUPPY! Don't forget!"

He didn't destroy anything else, but he thinks about it often! :) He's decided tugging on the seatbelts bolted to the floor is a great game. And chewing the table leg. And the floor! I heard a noise, and he was CHEWING on the FLOOR. How is that even possible?

Mostly, he doesn't SWALLOW anything, just chews it up. He's liking playing with the round Linkable and the big red Kong, but gets bored of them in typical puppy fashion. He needs to get out to do some hiking, as soon as my back is better. He could also use a bath, but I don't think that's a wise idea until he's more comfortable here.

We went out this morning and played some fetch. I found a couple holes in Archie's leg, so I think West must be grabbing him without me noticing. I was watching closely today, and didn't see any time when he came close enough to have sunk teeth in, though. Jon came out of the house (Quite some distance away) and West didn't react, though I think he did notice. He ran into the yard, but was willing to come to me. Then we went in. Good step for West to have easily chosen avoidance over approach/bark/bite.

Now he's playing with his toys. Oh, and also, he slept through the whole night! Woot! Still waking up early, but I can adjust to that, I think. He doesn't seem to mind going to bed earlier, so I can just shift my sleep schedule around a bit.

On that note, my camera's batteries are dead, so no pictures till I remember to bring out more batteries. I also apparently need to stock up on baby tees, since he's wearing this one out rather quickly. He doesn't mind it, and something is  helping him, so I'll keep it up.

Here's a link with some more info on the DAP Collar


  1. I guess you didn't notice me this morning? I was down on the road below the field you guys were in and threw a ball up to the field. Gyp ran up through the shrubs and was hunting for the ball up there, and I followed her, climbing the concrete steps that go up through the overgrown shrubs. When I reached the top I saw the three of you walking down towards the neighbours. I ducked down low so as not to scare West, but he didn't seem to notice me, and you were all still walking towards the neighbours, so I just walked back to the house through the field. Archer came to investigate, but I was already out of sight in the car port by then.

  2. I didn't know where you'd come from, but did see you head to the carport. I didn't see any changes in West at all, but I think Archie sufficiently distracted him.

  3. Thanks for the link on the DAP collar Courtenay. I had Skye in today for a tick removal and asked the technician about them; she said many clients use them for thunder-phobic dogs, which describes Skye to a 't'. So I may give it a try.

    I think its a great idea to have your progress recorded like this; the things that you will begin to take for granted can be traced back to when they began to develop. For example, his toy playing and his reactivity to the unknown. It's great to see his confidence building -- even if it might be at the expense of your floors! :c)

  4. Hi Ailsa,
    If you're using it for something 'occasional' (assuming you don't live in an area where there is thunder daily for weeks on end), the collar may not be the best choice. Both the spray and the diffuser can be used 'acutely', though I'd expect you'd need to predict storms. Should be pretty easy to just plug in a diffuser any day the weather network predicts thunder, though. JMO.
    And certainly, being able to look back is huge. I didn't do this with Archie, my own dog, and occasionally I'd find an old email or video of him, and think "wow, i remember when he couldn't even sit while I picked up a ball, and now he can sit while I walk 20 feet away and throw it!" The record is REALLY nice to have.