Tuesday, October 26, 2010

shit happens.. but it's sure nice when it ends well

I needed to run into the house to get some water to drink, and carefully counted where people were and decided that no one should be coming into the yard. Given that, I brought both Arch and West out and left them outside while I ran into the house. I was only inside maybe.. 90 seconds or so, and I thought it would be good for West to spend a little time alone outside the fenced yard.
I came out and the first thing I heard was "HI!" Vikki was home!!! She'd had an exam and was out early, and was home an hour before she usually is! She of course didn't know West was out, but she said he just came and hopped up on her for some pets and was fine! Wahoo.
It was dark, too, so that's really nice. I think he's starting to really settle down. Time for some more structured 'humans are okay' work i think.
It could have gone WAY WAY worse. As Vikki said as we were chatting 'I'm just glad he didn't bite me!!' Good job, West. Good boy.


  1. Good boy, indeed. Hope your hand feels better.


  2. That's amazing! You must be doing very good work with him!!

  3. I sure hope so! He's come a long way.