Thursday, October 14, 2010

The boys PLAYED

For about.. i dunno.. 75 seconds?
I've been slowly, the past day or so, letting them have very brief bits of time loose together, just to decrease some of the I MUST KILL YOU NOW tension on Archie's part. It's worked. Tonight, they played nicely!
Then, as they were getting a bit too aroused, I asked both to sit. *face palm* Of course, West believes sit means 'approach person and plant rear end on their foot', and archie wanted NOTHING to do with West coming up to me like that (did i mention he's fast like lightning?) and pummeled him. Oh well. I tried! :)
So, now they each have about 10 kibbles in various food toys. West is trying to chew the rubber off the kibble nibble, and also has a twist and treat that i think he's emptied already. Archie has the tug a jug and a Linkables stick. He's loving the tug a jug.

Progress! :) I really need a video camera :S

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  1. 75 seconds is better than none, right? That is awesome!