Sunday, October 17, 2010

DAP Collar unboxing

I know some of you are very interested in the whys and hows of the various treatments for West. This post is for you.

I was able to acquire a DAP collar via a connection from school. Thanks! So I went for coffee and picked up the collar. I wanted to get it on him right away, so I photographed the process and applied it immediately.

Here's what was in the box. The collar was inside the tin packaging. The instruction paper offers tips like "If your dog should eat the collar, call your vet!"

Here's the collar unwrapped. I used the box as a backdrop, and was using sunlight instead of a flash. That's why it's on my floor. :) It was wound up REALLY tight. I dunno if the makers think these things through, cause after being stuffed so tightly wound, the rubber has quite the memory.

See that little staple? Sigh. it's quite well stuck in the collar, and really sharp. Took me a while to get it out.

Note to anyone who may use this product: Don't stick it through both sliders. Just put it through one, fit it on the dog, then slide it through the other. Once it's through both, it's REALLY hard to adjust.

Way too big!

Let's cut the extra off.

That's alot of leftover! It says in the packaging that refridgerating might slow the release of the pheremone, and that it will not release pheremone when wet. I don't know if either one is true, but I put the extra in the foil package and filled it with water, then put it in the freezer. Maybe it'll still have some pheremone left in it by next month? I figure it beats throwing it out! If Archie seems to like it (the package warns that it may cause other dogs to find the wearer 'interesting') then I might try to attach it to his collar somehow.

And out we went for ball:

Worst agility dog ever. He runs straight into the jumps on a regular basis while chasing Archie. Oh, and his Tshirt really needs a wash :)


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