Friday, October 15, 2010

Thanks, Premier!

So this morning, West destroyed a leather leash. It's in about 500 little tiny pieces, I wonder if Premier will replace it under their chew-once policy. Sigh.

Coincidentally, today, my package from Premier (which I was lucky enough to win on a Facebook comment!) arrived with what else, but TWO brand new leashes! So, out we went to try them!

See they have a handle partway up? This is especially handy if you're walking a semi-wild border collie x coyote!

Who, me? I'm just walkin', calmly walkin...

There weren't very many opportunities to get photos of West, since he has no idea how to walk with a person, and spent most of the time leaping off me or lying under my feet to trip me.

Archie, on the other hand, understands this game and was able to settle in and walk.. mostly.. like a good dog! He likes the freedom of the stretch, and never got me or him tangled in the leash!

This only happened once. Both walking at a decent pace in the same direction!!

This was much more common. Sigh.

A brief video of some of the walk:

Thanks very much, Premier. Though West has no appreciation for the wonders of stretchy leashes, Archie did really like it, and I managed to not trip, fall, or tangle myself up! West, on the other hand, thought he would knit a sweater out of the leash. He'll get there :)

After I took the leashes off, we had a play:

I need a .. faster shutter speed? I dunno. I'll play with the action settings next time.

West says bye!


  1. Good timing on the arrival of the leashes, for sure!

  2. Great job Courtenay! Thanks for taking West on and keep blogging with your progress with him. And good luck with your back from one sore back to another...

  3. Thanks ajf. I'm going in on Monday, and today it actually seems better, but I've been taking painkillers, so it's hard to judge. I just hope it's not something that requires repeat visits!