Monday, October 11, 2010

Chickens are scary!

Took west out for his play with Archer. Chris was out with Gyp, so I just called West and put him back inside until Chris went in. Archie and I played for a bit, then Chris left, so I went to get West. He met Gyp and Ben, and didn't care about them at all, really.

Mom came out and sort of snuck up on him, but he had no problem at all. Just said hi to her, came when she called him. He really acted just like he does with me. I'm hoping this means he's starting to get it that people around here aren't scary. Hmm.
Then, I put Archie away and took West down to meet the chickens. He needs some polite-walking skills, but that'll come. I think the more confident he gets, the more controlling he will get. I'll have to keep an eye on that.

He came with me to the chickens, then a few bawked and came to the fence. WOWZA!!! Hackles up, a couple barks, WTF ARE THOSE?

I gave him time and space to approach on his own. A quiet 'good boy' for walking toward them, and he'd often turn back and come for a pat. Took about 5 minutes for him to be confidently walking toward them. He didn't seem to think he should herd them yet. We'll see if that comes.

Now, he's asleep under the bed. Silly guy.

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