Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tug a Jug ftw

Last night, west was back to normal after the "OMG stranger" incident. He got up stupidly early again this morning, and BARKED for an hour. Sigh. Can't let him out while he's barking, can't sleep while he's barking. Archie doesn't like when he scratches his crate, but apparently, he can bark all he wants! Go figure.
Anyway, between woofs, I let him out for a pee, then fed them both and had an hour's nap. I really gotta teach this pup to sleep in! We had an uneventful day, just some ball playing outside and more playing outside.
Came home from training, let him out for a pee. He's getting much better about the yard. The first few times, he ran full bore into the wire fence, but he's quit doing that now! He runs straight out and pees.
Gave him a Tug a Jug and the Linkables to play with. He LOVES the jug. That's nice, since it's easy to fill, compared to the linkables. He might chew up the rope though, so I'll watch him.
I gotta get some pics/video of this guy, but mostly we only hang out inside in the dark, and all he does outside is stand like a herding dog staring at me/archie.


  1. Yah, we want pictures. West is a good lookin' dog!

  2. I'll try to get some toy-play photos. For now, I've just got a handful of him in his new tshirt.