Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Calming Cap attempt 1

Since I'd already done some value building for the fake calming cap (infant onesie leg), I slipped this one on West and started feeding him. He pawed at it a bit, but the nice thing about this (vs the fake one) is that it stays on even when he paws a bit, so I let it extinguish. What he hasn't figured out is that he can open his mouth with it on, even if he's not actively eating a treat, so he's lying at my feet panting a very wet gurgly pant with his mouth shut! silly boy. He's actually accepted it quite well. He walks around a bit with it on, and I toss him kibble now and then. Sweet!


  1. Try a squeeze tube! You can get them on
    cleanrun.com or any camping store, even Amazon for a couple few bucks (2 in a pkg, usually).
    Anything can be whizzed up in a food processor and used in one.

    Or squeeze cheez or anchovy paste (not too much, its salty), or


  2. Hi Megan,
    Thanks for the reminder about lickable treats. I'd forgotten and this is great for West. I use a 60ml syringe, cause I get them for free by the dozen and so they're handy. Works the same as a food tube, though it's a little more tedious. I might have some all ready to go in the freezer! Thanks!