Saturday, October 16, 2010

A big step!

I know I've posted too many times already today, but West was just able to PLAY WITH A TOY WITH ME! Not for very long, mind you, but it gave me some good insight into how he would like to play, so hopefully now I can find something that will work!

I handed him a tissue, just to see what he'd do with hit. He had a great time shredding it and spreading it all over the floor (Don't worry, Archie will eat it up later!), so i grabbed another and offered it for him to 'tug' with. He was willing to grab and shake it from my hand! Of course, it tore up immediately, so I got a small stuffy and placed some tissue on the stuffy.. from there it was just a couple of seconds until he was chasing/grabbing the toy in my hand and tugging a little!
Woot! How cool is that?

I've got a sheeps-wool tug toy that I think might entice him, and is sturdier and safer for my fingers than the little stuffy, so I'll try that next. We're gettin somewhere!

He also learned Hand Zen tonight in about 15 reps. He's figuring out this clicker thing. He still can't visually track falling treats at all, but he's getting better at just assuming there's one on the floor and looking for it. I also worked again with the GL and he's very willing to stuff his nose in it for cookies. All good signs.

I was thinking about calming caps and I have the legs off the other baby clothe for him. I looked at it, and decided it looks almost exactly like a Calming cap, so I lured him into it and fed him some cookies. I think it will be a good thing to use in the meantime until I get my Small one back from the client I lent it to. Woot!

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